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IC design engineer
1. Analog circuit IC design;
2. Participate in circuit design specifications and design architecture;
3. Participate in analog circuit IC debugging;
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in semiconductor design;
2. Have more than 3 years of experience in analog circuit and power management IC design;
3. Age under 40 years old;
4. Working experience in the same industry is preferred.

PCB Electronics Engineer
1. Write hardware design documents: requirements specification, development plan, design description document, BOM list, product usage description document, etc .;
2. Responsible for hardware design: schematic diagram, PCB board design, participate in the preparation of new product process plans, prototype test process plans, small batch test process plans and mass production process plans, complete hardware testing
3. Participate in product defect analysis to solve product hardware design defects;
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic circuits;
2. Independently complete circuit simulation, schematic design and PCB multilayer board design;
3. Can independently test and debug products;
4. Ability to write and manage related development documents;
5. Those with experience in production testing of electronic complete machines are preferred.

Sales Engineer
1. Actively develop new customers, organize customer materials, and establish customer information files;
2. Complete customer negotiations, sign contracts, follow orders and post-maintenance work;
3. Complete the monthly sales task issued by the company;
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, with sales work experience;
2. Have strong learning and communication skills and be good at communication;
3. Have a good sense of teamwork and ability to withstand pressure;
4. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, maintain good work enthusiasm.

SM placement machine operator
1. Feeding (Samsung SM placement machine), reserve materials;
2. Material inventory check and return inventory check;
3. DMF pretreatment and feeding;
4. Equipment inspection and maintenance;
5. Operation of solder paste printing machine;
job requirements:
1. Secondary school or high school education;
2. At least 1 year of SMT operator experience, familiar with electronic materials, and familiar with the operation of SMT Samsung placement machine;
3. Have a strong sense of product quality;
4. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, obey arrangements, and have good teamwork spirit.

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